This is the process of obtaining a mortgage/loan secured by a property.

LNX Mortgages is dedicated to partnering with home buyers whether you are buying your first home or your tenth. We can educate you and help you to understand the journey from realtors and qualifying to how to protect yourself and figuring out what you can afford. We have access to banks, alternative lenders and private lenders to meet all out clients individualized needs.

Refinancing is the process of obtaining new mortgage terms and paying out existing financing.

At LNX Mortgages we have created individualized refinance solutions for many clients to allow them to reach their financial goals of renovating, investing, or consolidating. Whatever you want to access your equity for we are here to help you obtain best rates, save money, and get your money working for you.

This is a loan used to reduce unsecured debt and increase cash flow with the intention of improving and repairing one’s credit.

Whether you have claimed bankruptcy/proposal or need to LNX Mortgages can educate you and assist you in your journey to a fresh start. Paying debt can mean improving your life, cash flow, and peace of mind. We will help you make a plan with a manageable budget and future goals.

An equity take out mortgage is simply a loan secured by the equity or value of your property taken in a lump sum and in addition to your existing financing or first mortgage.

LNX Mortgages can work with you to gain access to the value of your property and get the money you are entitled to. We do this by renegotiating and increasing your existing loan, getting you a new loan to pay off your existing mortgage and give you cash, or keep you, existing mortgage and give you your cash in a second mortgage. This allows our clients to get their own money working for them how they want. We will educate you on the process and help you save money by restructuring your financial portfolio.

A HELOC is a line of credit that is used as needed to access your homes equity or value in addition to your current mortgage.

LNX Mortgages has provided many of its clients with access to their equity through a Home Equity Line of Credit often called a HELOC or LOC. Typically, these loans go in behind your existing first mortgage and are attractive as you do not pay unless you actually access the line of credit. LOC’s are fully open, require interest only payments, and can be accessed or paid out at any time without penalty. Rates and costs are historically lower than other lending alternatives and they are available for all credit profiles, from triple A to bruised alike.

This is a mortgage required to buy an investment property with the intention of generating rental income.

LNX Mortgages is always excited to help clients expand their portfolio and acquire new real estate! We can help you navigate today’s lending environment and qualify for the next step in building your future. We have experience in facilitating the purchase of a first property or a tenth. We are committed to seeing you through the journey of reaching your investment goals one property at a time.

This is a mortgage/loan required to buy a second property ie, cottage, family members home.

If you want to help your kids in university or aging parents by owning their home, LNX Mortgages can help you realize that dream. Whether you want a cottage, a student rental, or somewhere for your parents to be cared for, we’ve got you covered. We are familiar with the requirements from our lenders for second home ownership that will allow you to invest in your future by making wise property investment decisions today. The opportunity to save money, lower costs, and gain long term equity is within elite home owners grip.

Construction financing is a loan disbursed in portions for people who are building their own custom homes.

Building your custom dream home can be daunting financially but with the help of LNX Mortgages you can achieve your building dreams by accessing builder draw mortgages and financing. Custom home building is reserved for those with the ambition to wade through lender, city and permit rules and tenacious enough to see a building project through. We have access to bank money and private money to assist you in realizing your most epic home ownership dreams!

This is the process of separating finances and property for the purposes of finalizing divorce or separation.

LNX Mortgages can help you through a separation by providing you with funds to buy out a spouse, or to assume a property, or finalize a separation/divorce in court. We have helped our past clients meet their separation requirements by adhering to equitable solutions for all parties involved often resulting in both individual parties owning homes for their futures.

A second or third mortgage is a loan that can be provided by a private lender in addition to your current mortgage(s).

LNX Mortgages arranges private financing for a variety of reasons from money needed for renovations or to pay debt, to money required for separations or due to past due tax debt. We have access to many lenders with varying rules that allow us to provide funds for all our clients regardless of credit or equity position. We will help you use your funds to plan for your future and create an exit strategy to get you out of your private mortgage within a prescribed time. Private mortgages help people reach their goals even if the bank is not willing to lend them money.


LNX Mortgages is committed to providing opportunities to our investors and our borrowers. We offer flexible lending solutions for the borrower to make each mortgage transactions easy for our clients.


Mortgage investing is not without its risks but by choosing LNX Mortgages, we work to lessen that uncertainty and aggressively build your portfolio.


Transparency is offered through a complete package featuring reports, information, and due diligence on each loan. Our private mortgage investments have the benefit of high yield and stability for monthly distributions.